About Us

a few words about us

logocomnetinstaZanzibar Connections Company Limited (ComNet) is telecommunication enterprise providing Broadband Internet Services, Data Security, Surveillance Systems and other Value Added services. Incorporated in 2009 and operating under ComNet as a business name

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Our Mission

ComNet mission is to champion for the advancement of internet connectivity and data communication as a leading Internet Service Provider in Tanzania by offering high-quality information and communication technology services affordable to all Tanzanians.

We strive to be recognized at the regional level as a model ISP providing broadband internet and value-added services in socially responsible manner that facilitates development and growth in Tanzania.

ComNet believe in looking towards the future with great visions and endless inventions in developing technologies, products and services to suit our customers' needs both today and in the future to live up to the Company's motto - "Most Reliable, Secure and Affordable: Amazing Experience".

OUR vision

To become the preferred choice for the delivery of innovative and integrative ICT solutions in Tanzania. ComNet strongly believes that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is crucial in today’s operating environment. Innovation is an important enabler of new business opportunities and improved customer relationships.

The availability, performance and reliability of our ICT infrastructure are vital in supporting the efficient and timely delivery of services to our customers. By constantly searching for technological innovations that will provide performance-enhancing solutions for our customers, and striving for the highest standards of service, ComNet will continue to champion the advancement of Internet and Business Solutions Service Provider in Tanzania especially in services for corporate customers.