Goals and Objectives

  • Provision of Internet Service in Tanzania to match International standards while fostering local investment as leading Internet Service Provider.
  • To increase communication facilities and infrastructures in Tanzania by providing telephone services through Internet phone system (VoIP).
  • Local e-commerce Promotion: To help Tanzanians to buy and sell their products in the local market through local intranet and internationally through the World Wide Web.
  • To increase educational opportunities in Tanzania by creating tele-teaching and tele-training programs and making e-learning materials accessible to student, teachersĀ and other players.
  • To host, market and develop websites while offering a variety of services, ranging from home users to dedicated access, to advance business solutions with capacity of providing success solutions.To generate jobs in Tanzania for younger generation through ICT related services such as communication centers, VoIP phone services, remittance services, Internet protocol Television (IPTV) and virtual ATM machine.