Full ICT Support

ComNet have set up and supporting all ICT equipment for our clients; this is carried out and managed by its subsidiary company Professional Computer Lab.  This ensures that all services that we provide to our customers are in-house and that clients do not have to employ other service suppliers to carter for their needs.

The advantages of outsourcing IT Support services to ComNet include:

  • Reduction in operating overhead due to a decrease in staff salaries and statutory payments, office space, equipment purchase, training needs and other costs that will be effectively borne by the Service Provider through economies of scale.
  • Access to a wider pool of ICT expertise at a lower cost.
  • Increased efficiency in service delivery.
  • Easy upward or downward scalability of IT Support services with no impact on payroll costs.
  • Predictability of ICT Support costs due to relatively fixed rates over time.
  • Guaranteed support with standby coverage during sickness, leave e.t.c

Our customers have a choice of among three ICT Support Models:
1. Onsite Outsourced IT Support
2. Contractual SLA - based IT support
3. Preventive Maintenance